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Convict's Code

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Convict's Code

Published 1939
Topics drama

An ex-con is employed by the man who framed him for bank robbery.

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Run time 1:02:44
Producer E.B. Derr
Production Company Crescent Pictures Corporation
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


Robert Kent .... Dave Tyler
Anne Nagel .... Julie Warren
Sidney Blackmer .... Gregory Warren
Victor Kilian .... Bennett
Norman Willis .... Russell
Maude Eburne .... Mrs. Magruder
Ben Alexander .... Jeff Palmer
Pat Flaherty .... Sniffy
Carleton Young .... Pete Jennings
Howard C. Hickman .... Warden
Joan Barclay .... Elaine
Harry Strang .... Tom Lynch


Reviewer: Thinking Man - favorite - January 28, 2011
Subject: Condition too poor to watch
Video is not the worst I've seen but audio is so bad you can't sit through it. I'm talking about digital compression artifacts. Some people won't care, but there will always be masochists among us.

Please whoever puts up movies: They do have to be watchable when they're listed here. Compressing them until they become psychedelic is not what you should be doing.
Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 21, 2006
Subject: Oh the shame!
Convict¡¯s Code is a surprisingly engaging little film noir about Dave Tyler, a man on parole who tries to clear his name while trying not to get thrown back in the slammer. While the reasoning why Dave is hired by a man who wants him thrown back into prison is highly ridiculous, as is the totally melodramatic conclusion, the in-betweens are great, with Robert Kent doing a fine job as the tormented parolee, and Anne Nagel equally fine as his (of course!) blonde haired girlfriend, who mustn¡¯t know that he¡¯s a parolee, because of course, they have to get permission from his parole officer! (Oh, and she¡¯s also the heavy¡¯s sister). Actually, this film carefully describes parole life back in 1939, and seems to be more of a burden on a person then it is now. Quite interesting and entertaining!
Reviewer: bobsluckycat - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 21, 2005
Subject: Light Weight Crime Drama
When Monogram Pictures came back as a viable and independant film-maker and distributor in 1937 after being part of the origins of Republic Pictures and then after some rancor became a part of the "New Universal", they picked up the last films of Crescent Pictures, which by mid-1939 was history. This one is a generally well-made little crime drama-romance with appealing leads and a superior supporting cast. Anne Nagel, soon to be a "B" movie queen at Universal in the 1940's, Sidney Blackmer and Carlton Young, both to be tremendous character actors of note with long careers stand out just by the sheer talent they brought to this film. A good TV print and sound make this a very watchable film.
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